Guilty Knowledge


Detective Jesse Aaron meets Sariah Brennan when she reports a murder she has seen. His inability to believe Sariah’s story kicks in when she reveals that her knowledge is based on visions.  While trying to figure out if Sariah’s visions are real or a just a deterrent from admitting she witnessed the murder, Jesse finds himself attracted to the mysterious woman. During his investigation, he unearths more about Sariah’s secretive past and her knowledge of the murder victim through old religious ties. Although Jesse’s partner has warned him not to become involved with Sariah, Jesse finds himself chasing leads and discovering there is a lot more to Sariah.

“Guilty Knowledge” is an intriguing story that begins with a witness to a murder, only the witness claims a vision brought her to this guilty knowledge. Unfortunately, the main story splinters from a seeming crime story to an awkward romance with disjointed subplots. The flirtatious chatter between Jesse and Sariah lacks an organic quality, making the steamy scenes hard to believe.  The historical background information about a religion and its customs, while related to the plot, overshadows the main story line. At times, it is hard to tell where the romance fits in with Sariah’s numerous other life problems. An edit of common words and distracting adverbs would allow the story a cleaner presentation. “Guilty Knowledge” is an compelling tale of murder, secrets and love.

Moira Wolf