Good Sam


Los Angeles TV news reporter Kate Bradley is used to getting behind breaking news and ferreting out the meat of the story, while getting interviews and photo shots that other reporters are unable to get. Therefore, when she’s assigned to a Good Samaritan story where an anonymous donor is leaving bags filled with $100,000 on people’s doorsteps, she’s disconcerted but nonetheless tackles the job with her usual aplomb. While pursuing the truth, she falls for a real-life hero, deals with a cheating ex-fiancé, is exploited for her political connections, and learns that people are inspired by humanitarian acts. 


This suspense with its elements of humanitarianism, deceit, exploitation, loss, and romance is a refreshing break from the normal romantic/suspense novels. With its rescue scenes taken from real-life cases, and its storyline inspired by the real-life heroism of a fire department’s search and rescue task force, this novel is not only interesting and entertaining, but also a testimony of the good in people.


The ending felt a little rushed, and a little more fleshing out of the after-effects on the recipients of the money was warranted for closure. However, it did not detract from its overall appeal. This well written, uplifting tale moves at a comfortable and smooth pace with well-defined characters and a plot that’s heartwarming. The writer did an excellent job of combining reality with fiction to create an enjoyable treat for both the mind and the heart, while imparting hope and inspiration for finding the good in everyone!   Nice work!   


Janna Shay