Gone: The Aspen Lake Series Book 3


When Grace’s mom disappeared almost two decades ago, vicious rumors started circulating and Grace quickly learned she was responsible for her sister and father. Those rumors and the need to put family first, regardless, are still strong and constant parts of her life, especially since her sister skipped town eight months ago leaving Grace to care for her nephew and brother-in-law. Meanwhile, Grace has been harboring feelings for Constable Mike Davenport, and is finally at a point to act on those emotions. With the truth of her feelings for Mike revealed so come a barrage of other problems — from pasts refusing to stay buried, to life-altering revelations — some of which are handled better than others on her quest to finally think  first of herself and her needs.

Once this book is picked up, all plans need to be cancelled for a couple of hours because this is a devour-in-a-single-sitting kind of story, no exceptions. It truly feels as though something will be missed if it is closed before being done, as if the characters will continue living their lives and not getting it written down. Though to be fair, it still seems that way at the end because of the remarkable growth shown by both the hero and heroine. Both of which are now facing the future head on, willing the reader to wait on pins and needles for the next installment. The emotions of the characters are wonderfully captured and willingly shared with the audience, which makes it easy to relate to the heroine. Decidedly, it is worth the time, energy, and attention it has already received and will continue to receive in the future!

Yannie Sorensen