Shawn Corridan,
Gary Waid

Sonny Wade is running his sea salvage business into the ground. He cannot pay his crew and owes more than he cares to admit. When a mayday call comes in, he hopes he can rally the troops and be the first one on scene to claim the prize and reap the rewards. Sonny was raised in the waters off Alaska and the Bering Sea, and there is no one better to go after the Russian oil carrier that has run aground than him. His daughter Mary is part of the crew, and living on the boat with her dad has been her life. The motley crew that Sonny has assembled is unique and most of them are loyal to the core. However, there is sabotage afoot and the Russian ship “Bennkah” (Goliath) is hiding something more than oil in her cargo holds.

“Goliath” is described in such detail one can perfectly imagine the enormity of this vessel. The technical descriptions of the making of the ship and its capabilities are the work of very talented minds and may be too complex for those not in the boating world. The components of the Alaskan waters and the small harbor towns are intricately described.  Characters are so well-drawn that one simply can't imagine any are suited for a life other than on the water. This is an action-packed, "hold on to your hat" read that will delight readers! The loyalty, determination and experiences portrayed will have many cheering on the good guys and hoping for a successful outcome for the team on Skeleton and Bones.

Viola Robins