Gingerbread Dead

Lori L.
Jessica Barker, aka Jess, is busy in her house doing research on the article she is due to publish. She works as a content creator for an online magazine that covers true crime. Something in her neighbor’s house draws her attention and she cannot seem to pull her mind off what she just witnessed. How can a man act very normal when his wife seems to be in urgent need of medical care? Is the woman ill and they have somehow learned to live with her condition? Is she a hopeless alcoholic as her husband claims? However, the aspect of the woman being a victim of domestic abuse keeps nagging at her until she decides to do real-life research for what could be a true crime happening right under her nose. Can she pull it off without appearing to be a nosy neighbor?
Nothing tugs at the heart of a reader more than the promise of an exciting escapade involving a strong-willed main character and a series of obstacles that he/she has to overcome. Author Lori L. Robinett sculpts an out-of-this-world experience for the reader to devour when she pulls Jess from her cozy online research work and throws her into real-life investigations where she has to develop some thick skin. She does not disappoint. Any reader with a thorough inquisitive eye would question Jess’ failure to do more research on the plants/herbs that the villain seemed to tend with every fiber of his being. Also, were it not for some information that was not thoroughly acted upon which could have added some intriguing strands to the storyline, this could have been a phenomenal crime thriller. Overall, a delightfully addictive whodunit tale!
JM Lareen