Ghosts of Tsavo (Society for Paranormals #1)


HISTORICAL:  Mrs. Beatrice Knight is haunted - quite literally - by her deceased husband Gideon, while being assigned duties by Professor Runal, the werewolf Director of the Society for Paranormals and Curious Animals. With her multifaceted tool (a walking stick), her ever-present bag of cinnamon, and the ability to sense and smell odd creatures pretending to be human in Queen Victoria's society, her unending duties are getting in the way of her life. Therefore, a move with her relatives to Nairobi means no more odd creatures, correct?


Like many females, Bee keeps a journal. Gideon persuades her to write her memoirs, and this tale is book one. A quirky and lovely spin through dreary England and sweltering Nairobi, along with a possessed zebra, crazy were lions, ghosts, and a human machine, this story will have readers cheering on Bee's bag of cinnamon, rooting for the animals out to get her relatives, wanting to console the inventor/mad scientist, and wondering what Mr. Timmons really is after. The use of Victorian English is probably the best example ever, outside actual Victorian texts. Beatrice is a spunky, determined woman, but at the same time wholly a model of Victorian females. Every character is fleshed out—truly odd, but completely normal within this weird world. Being a memoir style, just ending in the middle of a scene should be "normal" but it's not, and leaves the reader hanging uncomfortably from a cliff. A sense of wrap up is needed, especially after such an entertaining whirlwind of activity. Fans of historicals and paranormal will love every minute of this story!


Julie York