Frosted with Revenge (Cookies & Chance Mystery #4)


Sally Muccio wouldn’t keep selling fortune cookies at her bakery if they weren’t so popular. They also seem to come true in a spectacular way, this time disrupting her wedding plans. When Sally and her fiancé Mike are almost victims of a random shooting, Sally becomes  suspicious — particularly when more fortune cookies containing death threats keep coming her way. Who could want her dead? With the days to her wedding counting down and a business to run, Sally will have to work fast to stop a killer and stay alive herself!

A fantastic cozy mystery, “Frosted with Revenge” is the fourth book in the “Cookies & Chance Mystery” series and should be read in order — it is full of spoilers. With the romance already in full swing, this installment has plenty of love floating around, and more than enough twists and turns in the mystery itself to keep the reader guessing.  Although the villain is revealed a bit too quickly, the remaining cast of characters are interesting, and with book's smooth pacing the reader will reach the end of the tale much too soon. The only real downside is that the character with the most potential to be the bad guy, wasn’t.  "Frosted with Revenge" is a worthy entry for cozy mystery fans!

Sarah E Bradley