Friday’s Child (Heroines Born on Different Days of the Week Book 6)


HISTORICAL:  Lady Elizabeth is the sister of an earl and is due to make her debut into society. With no one to chaperone her, her Great-Aunt Augusta decides to take charge of Elizabeth. Lady Augusta is very strict and sharp of tongue but Elizabeth cannot help but admire her. While being introduced to society, Elizabeth meets two young men, Sir Victor and Mr. Yates. Victor is stern but admires Elizabeth for her sound mind. However, it is Mr. Yates who has captured Elizabeth’s attention. Victor knows Mr. Yates to be untrustworthy, but how can he prove that to Elizabeth? Victor and Elizabeth are soon working together when they find a young girl who was lost and taken by gypsies. They must care for the girl who has been through much trauma; will that bring them closer together?

This book has historical fiction, intrigue, and mystery intertwined. There is so much going that some of the plot never seems to be resolved, especially in regards to the lost child. Even though Elizabeth’s determination to help the child is admirable, that is her only endearing quality. She is naive and not a good judge of character. Her feelings seem to change with the wind. Victor is the only character with depth, as the history of his family in India adds so much color to the story. The book has a consistent pace, although there are some unnecessary scenes and the ending wrapped up very quickly. Missing and misplaced quotations and grammar errors are a bit confusing. With a good editor, this book would be a delight to read. 

Amanda Hupe