French Ghost (Paris Ghost Writer Series #1)


Melody Lane, a ghostwriter, is hired by a French movie star, Charles-Henri Banville, to write his memoir. Unfortunately, he drowns before they are able to even begin working on the book. Melody finds herself in a metaphorical sinking ship when she is unable to maintain financial stability. Luckily, Carlos Ortega, the biological son of Charles-Henri, hires her to continue writing the book. That is, until Carlos becomes a prime murder suspect for his father’s death. Melody must now dive deep into the past of Carlos and his family in order to save him from being locked away for good.

Paris is such a beautiful place to read about, and Ms. LaBalme does an excellent job of describing all of the sights, sounds, and even tastes the characters experience in this romantic setting. The story will have readers wanting to book their next flight to Paris just to experience all there is to offer, from the French cuisine to the beautiful architecture. In this first-person narrative, the characters are very likeable, especially the sexy Spanish love interest, Carlos. He is certainly a man shrouded in mystery, and Melody is very intrigued. While the story is incredibly engaging, it does end rather abruptly, leaving very many unanswered questions. The reader may find that there are too many loose ends, even though this is only the first book in a series. Nevertheless, “French Ghost” is a story of intrigue and mystery that will keep the reader on their toes and eager to continue on with the series.

Jennifer Shepherd