Four Dog’s Sake


COZY:  After treating a man for a leg injury, a small town doctor is surprised when she discovers the same man has committed suicide by insulin overdose. It’s her doubt that starts police officials investigating the case further. When the dead man’s father dies of natural causes, the remaining son, along with a massage therapist stand to inherit significant amounts in the will. Further investigation, aided slightly by the snooping abilities of the Sheriff’s fiancée, a dog breeder and trainer, along with a host of others, bring several motives to light. 


This story was an easy and pleasant read. It started slowly with an info dump, and though the plot and subplot subject matters seemed to be well-researched, there were too many of them, spreading the storyline a little thin in places. Too many details in certain areas slowed the pacing. For the most part, the writing was clean, with very few typos, with a couple of repetitive issues, and telling replacing areas that should have shown more emotion. Considering the book and title series names, the character of Mae December plays an extremely minor role in this story, and the dogs play an even smaller role. A light, enjoyable read.

Lori Leger