Found (Matt Royal Mystery #8)

H. Terrell

Matt Royal gets to help out his “sweetie”, JD Duncan, both personally and professionally, in this eighth installment of the Matt Royal Mystery Series.


This story starts with the murder of an elderly resident of Longboat Key, Florida.  His killer drives off a bridge and leaves behind foreign documents in his vehicle. JD receives a cryptic text message from an old sorority sister, Katie, who was thought to be murdered a year prior.  Is it really her, and why is she reaching out to JD for help now? The original murder plot morphs and Matt and JD are trying to solve many puzzles while they are the targets of gunmen.  Can they dodge all the bullets and get the answers they need? Is Katie still alive?


There are many layers to this mystery, many murders as well as a few sub-plots that run parallel with the story.  With the multitude of characters at play, keeping track of it all is not always easy! The way Griffin ties the past to the present, however,  is interesting and will keep readers engaged. The historical tidbits throughout are well represented and add depth to the characters and the storyline. The law enforcement aspect is portrayed in a curious fashion and seemingly allows a lot of vigilante behaviors. Truly fiction, but these days does not seem altogether believable. “Found” is a good read and stands alone; however, reading others in the series may help explain the core group of friends and their close bond.


Julie Caicco