The Foresight of Miriam Asquith


HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL: Rumors have circulated for years that Lady Miriam can see the future. When an attempted kidnapping goes wrong, Captain Sam Burke is sent to her estate to determine her abilities and to protect her if necessary. Sam has been on numerous assignments and has a past of his own. What he finds at Lady Miriam’s estates is a truly amazing woman with a unique ability, and a brother who believes in his sister’s ability, and a father who thinks she has a sickness.

“The Foresight of Miriam Asquith” is a story combining real history with a very believable fiction story. Timothy Best has done an excellent job of combining fact and fiction and holding the reader’s attention throughout the book. One will be drawn into the story from the very first page until the very end as one will try to figure out what the plot is and what is going to happen next. When the reader thinks they have the story figured out, the author throws you in another direction. Mr. Best has created very realistic characters and describes the scenes in that period well. There is a lot of action and gunfights, and twists and turns one will not see coming. One will enjoy getting to know Miriam and Sam, feeling that each personality complements the other, and will enjoy watching them fall in love. One will be caught off guard with the ending, in the best won’t-have-seen-it-coming way! A must read for lovers of mystery with a paranormal twist.

Victoria Zumbrum