The Fog Ladies: In the Soup (A San Francisco Cozy Murder Mystery Book 3)


The elderly ladies known as the Fog Ladies want to do good in their San Francisco neighborhood and decide to help out at a soup kitchen. Sarah, a younger honorary member of the Fog Ladies, joins them to fulfill the volunteer requirements of her medical residency. At the soup kitchen they meet William, the owner, and his assistant who intend to enter a big pot soup contest, the prize for which would fund the soup kitchen. But William's nemesis shows up and it isn't long before he's in the soup and William is arrested for murder! The Fog Ladies are determined to find the real culprit and save the soup kitchen. With plenty of suspects to choose from and only a Newfoundland as a witness, the Fog Ladies have their work cut out for them!

"The Fog Ladies: In the Soup" keeps readers guessing with an entertaining whodunit as twisty as San Francisco's famed Lombard Street! With six members in the Fog Ladies, it takes time for the reader to sort them out. The story is told through four multiple viewpoints, which displays the case from various perspectives, and brings the daily existence of these women to life. Readers are treated to the rich layers of a mystery supported by well-developed characters dealing with the natural progression of aging, or in the case of Sarah, with work and romantic problems. All of this is further leavened by the humorous attempts of Fog Lady Enid to get rid of Boris, the Newfoundland with hilarious results. This third story in the series offers another outstanding puzzle in this superbly crafted cozy mystery series!

Tricia Hill