The Fog Ladies (A San Francisco Cozy Murder Mystery)


Sarah James is a hospital intern at a busy San Francisco hospital. She's fortunate to live in a centrally located apartment rented by the hospital where she meets several elderly women she nicknames the "Fog Ladies." It isn't long before she becomes an honorary member. But their numbers are decreasing, one by one. Is it a coincidence or is someone targeting the Fog Ladies and if so, why? The Fog Ladies' suspicions are raised, but who is going to listen to a bunch of old women? Sarah doesn't know what to think. It doesn't help that she is suffering a crisis of confidence over her skills as a future doctor. In the end, the truth comes out in a shocking confrontation that proves the Fog Ladies might be old, but don’t count them out yet!

"The Fog Ladies" offers a unique spin on the cozy mystery genre! While Sarah is a main character, so are the Fog Ladies, whose points of view are also given time on the page. Entering the viewpoint of the Fog Ladies added a refreshing angle, but it made it difficult to fully identify with any one character. Moreover, it took time to distinguish the elderly ladies from one another. Even so, this is a solid mystery peppered with colorful characters set against the vibrant backdrop of San Francisco. There is no lack of possible suspects to keep the reader guessing. It is easy to see the potential for an intriguing series from this initial story!

Tricia Hill