The Flower Enigma (Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles #5)

Charles Breakfield, Rox Burkey
Trouble has arrived in Magnolia Bluff once again, but JJ and Jo have no idea just how much when they arrive at the Flower Bed & Breakfast within the Texas Hill Country for a much- needed vacation. A cyber-attack on a local podcast the moment they arrive; however, quickly turns an idyllic vacation into a crisis. But uncovering who is behind the cyber- attacks and just why Jo keeps spotting a girl in the crowds flashing the international help sign will take all their attention. Soon the vacationers are following the local podcasters from place to place, fending off cyber-attacks and violent thugs, and searching for proof to convince the local police chief to investigate further. Even while authorities dismiss the young couple’s suspicions, the escalated attacks only make JJ and Jo more determined to save the missing teens and stop all the attacks, for there is no room for failure.
A sizzling thriller, this story begins with romance and quickly accelerates into tension and suspense as JJ fends off cyber-attacks and Jo investigates potential human trafficking. A quick paced story, this book is a stand-alone tale that features a wide cast of characters with little distinction between them, and a tendency to describe the setting in conversation that feels awkward. That said, the focus on a human trafficking ring, blackmail, cyber- attacks and more set this book apart from the usual spies or murders found in mysteries and thrillers. Furthermore, the intensity is not limited just to the mystery but also to the attraction between the main hero and heroine. Overall, readers looking for a thrilling adventure with a side of heat will want to look at this book!
Sarah E Bradley