Reviews - Mystery

While trying to recuperate from an emergency appendectomy, Sheriff Elizabeth Benoit is beyond dismayed when one of her deputies, Lila Dayne, finds a murdered girl in the woods… everything about the case seeming identical to an unsolved case from 25 years ago – when the sheriff’s best friend was killed. Elizabeth refuses to stay out of the case once she learns of the similarities.

A Sour Note

Maeve Cleary left her youthful home of Hampton to attend college in New York and pursue her dream job. Ten years later, she returns to home with a battered heart and worries about rebukes from her mom, Jules. Jules owns The Music Box, which becomes the foundation of the relationship shift between mother and daughter.

Serena and Connor Love travel the world sharing their adventures on Serena’s vlog. Shortly after Serena’s cliff dive which almost stops Connor’s heart, Serena learns her cousin Bethany is getting married in the Dominican Republic, and Serena’s presence is essential to the wedding.

Star Tangled Murder
Nancy J. Cohen

Marla Vail and her husband Dalton plan to spend the day at a living history village in Florida, where they plan to see the re-enactment of the Seminole battle. However, their fun Fourth of July weekend filled with play violence turns ugly when the town Marshall is discovered dead—bludgeoned with a tomahawk to the head.

Voices in the Sanitorium
Amy Lynn

HISTORICAL: Daideo, Katherine’s father, dies of an unexpected heart attack. Katherine’s husband, Collin, travels for work, so she feels alone and isolated. After her dad passed, she wanted a change. Collin found a job with less travel, so they moved their four children to Pennsylvania from Manhattan before their eldest daughter, Aislyn’s, senior year of high school.