Reviews - Mystery

Murder Will Out

Tom Logan is pulled into a murder mystery of a previous coworker who has also been a loyal friend. It is not easy to track all involved, but Tom is determined to find out what happened and help to keep others safe. In 1930’s Los Angeles the days are warm and the criminals are looking for any way to move around the law.

Jack Sprat Could

MaryBeth Gilland and Gray Wheeler are complete opposites. She is a socialite in need of fast money. He is a lax, low-key private detective. Suddenly they are tossed together on a case that challenges them to succeed. Except, the new client doesn’t really have a case. She wants proof “Jack” Sprat is guilty of murdering her sister—who is still alive and in a coma.

U.S. Marshal Jolene Martinez finds herself on a party boat for a potential matchmaking vacation with her best friend. She has no time for dating, due to her busy career and her last heartbreak. Norris Stiles is the new Chief of Police and, since his last heartbreak, he has no interest in pursuing romantic interests.

There have been four teenagers murdered in as many days.  With one of them being the nanny of a "well known", Detective Shane Dalton has his work cut out for him. He also has his hands full attempting to keep his wife Beth, an Irish model with exceptional intuition, off the case and out of danger.

This enchanting story is set in the late 1800’s as Sybil has returned to London from Paris to try to see her dying father. She hasn’t seen her family in years because she became an actress, changed her name, married and traveled around. She also has a gift for seeing spirits and helping them resolve their earthly problems.