A Fine Year for Murder (Thorny Rose Mysteries #2)


Newlyweds Jessica Faraday and Murphy Thornton decide that a second honeymoon is in order. Jessica is having night terrors and it leads to a minor injury to her adoring husband, who also happens to be Naval Officer. When the Pine Bridge Massacre is brought up at a family get-together, Jessica and Murphy realize that this may be connected to her nightmares and they decide their ‘vacation’ or second honeymoon should be to the mountains in Virginia where Jessica spent her youth. Maybe being there she can uncover some buried memories. Dallas Walker is an investigative journalist that has been working with local authorities and she decides that Jessica and Murphy could definitely help her investigation.


“A Fine Year for Murder” is a twisting turning story full of suspense, lies, love and murder. This tale is deftly written, even though there are thirty-plus characters active in this book, a few too many to follow. The author supplies a list of characters that’s handy, but may distract readers from the plot. The pace has an even tempo; readers will be on a sprint to the end to find all the guilty parties. A family massacre starts the initial investigation, and then many more murders occur that may question believability. The depth of the criminal activity grows, so predictability is a non-issue. This is part of a series and reading the previous book may help with character understanding. Readers, if you enjoy a creative murder mystery with embezzlement, kidnapping and some adultery, this is it for you.


Viola Robins