Fatal Odds (Knight and Devlin #4)

John F.

Puerto Rican jockey Victor Mendosa is about to be indicted for the felony murder of his brother, Roberto. It’s alleged that Victor caused his brother's death in a fixed horse race. Attorney Michael Knight represents Victor, and he has a personal stake in the outcome - Victor is his cousin. His investigation begins to heat up when the evidence points to two of the largest rival gangs and the Italian Mafia. As Michael digs deeper, his investigation sends him to Puerto Rico, and what he uncovers is astonishing. This case isn’t just about fixed horse races, it’s about the illegal trade and sale of exotic animals. Will Mr. Knight be able to put all the pieces in the ever-growing puzzle together, and save his cousin?

Mr. Dobbyn writes an amazing whodunit! He writes in first person POV, and does it well. This story is written in parts, and each part takes on a life of its own. Beware animal lovers, certain parts are tough to read. There is a lot going on in this book, with numerous gangs, countries, mafias and such - one must pay close attention so as not to get lost. If one is looking for romance, don’t look to this novel. For mystery/thriller fans, though, Mr. Dobbyn is a gifted story teller, and this one will have readers sitting on the edge of their seat!

Lynne Bryant