Fatal Break (Aloha Lagoon Mysteries Book 15)


Samantha Reynolds has settled into her dream life, working as a surfing instructor at Aloha Lagoon Resort and dating a hot, British bartender. Trouble brews when her best friend's ex-boyfriend shows up in town--the ex who swindled her out of a lot of money. When he's found dead and her friend is the number one suspect, Sam isn't about to depend on the police. It isn't long before Sam digs up a number of other suspects with motives. Of course, that might involve a little breaking and entering, but it's all in the name of justice! Clearly she is making somebody nervous, including her boyfriend who wants her to stop putting herself in danger, but Sam isn't about to give up. She's going to ride this wave all the way in!

"Fatal Break" is part of the Aloha Lagoon Mystery series, a series of cozy mysteries written by various authors and set in the fictional Aloha Lagoon Resort. This is Sam's third adventure at the resort, but this story stands alone. Cozy mystery lovers will be enchanted with the tropical setting and intrigued by the various twists and turns in the investigation! Sam is eminently likable as the amateur sleuth, with the requisite combo of curiosity and spunk. She is surrounded by friends and family who assist her even as they worry she's putting herself in danger. It would be nice to see these secondary characters developed more roundly. Whether this is your first Aloha Lagoon Mystery or your fifteenth, you are in for a rollicking good time!

Tricia Hill