Fair Weather

Barbara Gaskell
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She hears the whisper of a voice, a voice that is possibly sinister.  Ever since childhood, Molly has heard and seen things in her mind that she doesn't understand. Visions of a time long ago that seem dark, people who are poverty stricken, and that live in a troubled era.

Grown, Molly finds herself being sucked into the past after a brutal, vicious murder in her hometown. A thousand years ago, in medieval England, she finds herself as Tilda, who has been taken in by Vespasian. A man who mentors her in the ways of street life, and thievery. As Tilda, she comes across one of her friends and fellow thieves, murdered in the same manner as the murder in the present day.

Between Molly, Tilda and Vespasian they travel between worlds to find the murderer, and battle the evil that has been unleashed in both worlds.
This book has it all: murder, mystery, betrayal, magic, mysticism, time travel, and a touch of romance! Barbara Denvil is exquisitely poetic in her prose, such beautifully written words illicit absolute awe!  Her descriptive scenes are so well drawn, readers will feel they are living within the scene itself!   At times it does tend to be a little too much of a good thing, as the story itself sometimes gets lost in the beauty of the descriptions. There is also so much going on that one must pay very close attention or will find themselves lost. Then again, it's so elegantly written, one might not care!

Tonya Smalley