An Embarrassment of Itches


Dr. Ginny Reese loves serving her patients through her concierge-style veterinary practice. As someone who is in tune with animals, Ginny is immediately aware something isn’t right when she finds Ming, a tough senior Siamese outside in the cold. Sadly, Ginny discovers Ming’s owner, a talented artist, dead at the bottom of her pool. To Ginny’s surprise, her high school boyfriend, Joe Donegan, is now the local Sherriff, for the town they had both attempted to escape. Even more surprising, Ginny is the beneficiary of Amanda’s estate. A crazy brother, an even weirder husband, a real estate developer, and a slew of locals all have Ginny in their sites to get their hands on the property now in Ginny’s possession. With her dog, Remy, by her side will Ginny solve her friend’s murder and survive the attempts on her own life?

“An Embarrassment of Itches” nails the perfect cozy mystery. The main character’s thoughts are just enough to move the story along without slowing down the mystery. Sprinkled in action is well-timed where readers will be ready to learn another piece of the puzzle. Hilarious commentary by Ginny is relatable yet doesn’t overshadow the overall storyline, while enhancing the reader’s connection to the story. Readers will be entertained by the sparring between Ginny and Joe, finding themselves rooting for a romance. M.K. Dean tosses in a red herring or two making readers will think they know who the killer is, but hold on – here’s one more clue. Annoying missing and misspelled words are the only reason for less half a star. This story is a great start to a new hit cozy mystery series!

Moira Wolf