Eggnog and Extortion (Sweet Bites Mystery #4)


It’s nearing Christmas, and all baker Tess Crawford wants is to perfect her recipes and prepare her sweet treats for the town’s Christmas around the World event.  Oh, and perhaps figure out which of the two guys she’s currently dating might be the one for her.  However, on leaving Nova Cosmetics staff Christmas party where she’s been providing the desserts, she discovers one of the company’s employees collapsed in the parking lot.  Before long the amateur sleuth has another murder investigation on her hands.  When the police make an arrest Tess is convinced that they have the wrong person.  Can she track down the real killer?

Fans of the series will be pleased to catch up with Tess and her friends again and to sample more of her delicious baking!  One may find though that the book doesn’t live up to its humorous Christmassy title, as neither Christmas nor a light and witty writing style feature prominently.  In fact, the writing doesn’t really sparkle as the author’s grammar is rather sloppy at times and there are a few noticeable typos.  And a sleuth dating two guys?  That sounds rather familiar, but at least Tess doesn’t keep her men secret from each other, unlike Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum.  The thing that readers will definitely love about this book, however, is that when one finds themselves drooling over an appetizing treat one will be able to head to the kitchen and make it for themselves, as the author has provided full recipes. 

Heather Belleguelle