Ed, Not Eddie (An Eli Sharpe Mystery)


Someone is threatening to kill Ed Leviner, a talented young pitcher with the potential to play for the Major Leagues, and it is private detective Eli Sharpe’s job to discover the culprit. With little cooperation from law enforcement, Eli, with the help of his former love-turned-TV anchorwoman, Vivian Vaughn, must find the culprit within the next few days. Sifting through the many suspects, they find themselves not only trying to uncover the details of the case but also dealing with the attraction between them that has never died.


This contemporary mystery is a complex and fascinating whodunit that keeps the reader guessing until the very end! With well-developed characters that are colorful and unique, this enjoyable story has a solid plot that flows smoothly and seamlessly from scene to scene, pulling one in as it entertains. The slow start in the very beginning does not affect the pace of the plot as it winds around the many twists and turns that keep one turning the pages to discover the guilty party. Rich with a well-written story line, vivid descriptions, wit, and smart, snappy dialogue, this intriguing mystery will appeal to readers of many genres and is a welcome addition to any collection.


Janna Shay