The Drowned Girl

Anna D
It’s 1874 and Mr. James Kent, Assistant surgeon to the St. Luke’s College Hospital morgue, is summoned in place of his ill superior to meet with the notorious Coroner of the Queen’s Household, Sir Walter Summerfield. The body of a girl has been discovered in the Thames near Windsor, and the coroner requires a surgeon for the examination. To Mr. Kent’s surprise, his actual partner is none other than the infamous Miss Summerfield. Her tenacity and ability to handle their investigation educates and intrigues him. He finds himself drawn not only to finding the solution to the case but looking forward to spending more time with his fascinating partner.
Anna D. Allen’s “The Drowned Girl” is a mystery filled with intriguing details and subtle movements that lead readers along a well-plotted story. Mr. Kent’s and Miss Summerfield’s gracious relationship evolves naturally throughout the story. Each has their own point of view which allows readers to understand their individual perspectives about the case, and each other. Through the fun scene in which Miss Summerfield calms Mr. Kent’s anger, readers come to realize his growing desire to learn from his female partner and find more ways to spend time with her. The clues provided as the case unfolds are well hidden in plain sight. Readers will want to read more even after the satisfactory ending. “The Drowned Girl” is a gratifying historical mystery and a must read!
Moira Wolf