Lawrence Ellison and Kate McCoy are on their way home from a romantic getaway to the Southern California desert when they come across a young girl on the side of the road. The girl does not speak and barely moves a muscle. Kate feels an urge and a pull to find out who this girl is and where her family is. With time, Kate and Lawrence find out that this young girl’s name is Marisol, and is an undocumented person from Mexico and does not speak English. Kate, Lawrence and Marisol find themselves traveling through Southern and Central California on a quest using the only clues they have... Marisol's only belongings. From the few postcards, and pictures, and with the kindness of others the mystery of this little girl starts to unravel. These three may start off as strangers but end up as more. 

While readers navigate through the pages of this journey that Emily Gallo has authored, they are not just on the backroads of Southern and Central California, but on a journey of humanness, adventure, disappointment, frustration, and fear. Ms. Gallo has expertly intertwined social issues and current topics of the day through the story like a skilled weaver, creating a masterpiece that is filled with emotion, suspense, empathy, and love for others. Readers will find themselves unable to put the book down and speed through the story while holding on tight, navigating the twists and turns. Readers will not only be brought to tears, but a little more aware of what is happening in the world around them and sharing this heartwarming tale with others. 

Heather Kroll