Double Duplicity: A Shandra Higheagle Mystery (Volume 1)


Shandra Higheagle is a local potter in the Huckleberry Mountain community and the granddaughter of the recently deceased Nez Perce. When she turns out to be a brief suspect in a murder investigation she finds herself working even harder to prove that a long-time friend is also innocent of said murder. Working with Detective Ryan Greer proves to be enlightening as well as scary. While he believes in the visions Shandra receives from her grandmother, she is not so sure. They must work together to solve the murder, but they also move toward each other before the injustice is solved. 


Patty Jager has a special way with words. First she draws the reader in with suspense and independently strong characters. Then she bolsters the reader with intrigue and excellently written prose. Finally, she shares the secrets of her unique and fabulously twisted plot. All the while, she weaves romance and friendship into her story that not only makes a reader smile but leaves them feeling good about the world. “Double Duplicity” is the first in what one hopes will be a stupendous series. Paty Jager is a wizard at weaving a spell over a reader!  One minute the book is started and hours later the book is finished while everything else fades away. Trapping a reader for hours at a time is not an easy task but Ms. Jager makes it look like child’s play. 


Mary-Nancy Smith