Don’t Forget to Breathe

Leocadia isn’t your average teenage girl. After walking into her home and finding her mother’s mangled, dead body, she was grabbed from behind. Unfortunately, the trauma left her with reverse amnesia and terrible nightmares that rehash all the gory details. Unable to find the murderer, she is left to find her own means of coping. After nearly a year since her mother was brutally murdered, more bodies are beginning to pile up in her quaint little town and her nightmares are coming back in full force. Between dealing with her family trauma, mean girls, and a complicated love triangle, Leocadia feels alone and determined to find out who killed her mother.
This story will leave the reader on the edge of their seat as each page unloads a new twist in this story! The first few chapters are slow moving and there is a minor detail that should cause more red flags from the beginning, but the novel quickly escalates into a thrilling nail-biter as clues seem to lead in every direction. Additionally, Leocadia is written with the perfect teenage attitude that blends well with the storyline and frustrates the reader with every rash decision that she makes, but it increases the tension as you feel her love for her mother and her determination to solve her murder. Overall, this is a fantastic murder mystery, with a stomach-knotting buildup of anticipation. The ending with leave you breathless as the story finally unfolds!
Sadie Wilson