The Devil Drinks Coffee


Between purple pigs and her mom “accidentally” setting yet another car on fire; Kate Saxee was beginning to question the wisdom of returning home to Branson Falls, Utah to work as a journalist and editor for the local news. However, when local teen Chelsea Bradford is killed and everyone writes it off as an accident, Kate begins to investigate herself. But investigating a murder in a small town is difficult when gossip moves faster than the internet. The trio of handsome men helping her are mixing up her love life and messing with her social life at the same time in a religious town where any date leads to marriage. But Kate will find the answers with the help of “hot chocolate” and a chocolate frosted donut or two.


A fantastic contemporary mystery romance! “The Devil Drinks Coffee” is superbly written with a great cast of characters, comedy, a mystery with a twist, and a budding love triangle to round it out!  Kate is funny, determined and caring;  Drake is the playboy crush from high school turned politician, Hawke is a mysterious military/spy/bodyguard combo, and then Spence, the owner of the paper is the friend with his own problems. The mystery itself isn’t overly complicated but has enough twists to keep it from being predictable. The only negative factor is the presentation of the entire religious community portrayed as being hypocrites, which some readers might take offense to. Otherwise, readers who enjoy mysteries and romance will race for the sequel right away!


Sarah E Bradley