Father Jake Austin is a member of the Camillian Order currently assigned to his hometown of Oberlin, Ohio. He is back just in time for his class reunion with peers who can't believe he has entered the priesthood. A series of suspicious murders plague the graduating class. A strange confession piques Father Jake's interest about what is going on.  He is fighting the demons of his past that torment him from the Vietnam war. He struggles to stay present, working to find out how to reconcile his past with his present all the while piecing together who is behind the murders. He has to solve the mystery while convincing the Bishop he is not a liability.

The novel is aptly named and fascinates the reader page after page. The mystery is intriguing, with an edge of darkness that keeps things interesting.  The main character, Jake, is delectably complicated and conflicted. The controversy of his profession is entertaining. It is especially interesting that Jake wrestles with his past and present that is the priesthood. There is an array of supporting characters that add excellent depth. The historical elements are accurate, impressive and different layers of conflict add a captivating complexity. "Deros," the debut of a new series, leaves the reader with a favorable impression of what is to come. Jake is a little hard to relate to in the beginning, making it hard for readers to engage at first. The story is provocative, however, and in the end will keep the reader engaged.

Jessica Samuelsen