Defended by a Duke (The Beresford Adventures Book 6)


HISTORICAL: Every matchmaking mother in London seeks Richard Harwood, the sixth Duke of Bentley, for her daughter. His coffers are overflowing, and his title adds to his desirability. However, he has no plans to wed. When visiting Lord Devere, he overhears a young woman talking politics. Impressed by her knowledge, he looks to see her and finds she is stunning. At this moment, he loses his heart to Emily. Shortly after, Emily and Bentley wed at her cousin Devere’s home. While getting ready for their wedding night, there is a pounding on the Duke’s chamber door. Devere has been stabbed by robbers, and Bentley is needed at once! Bentley goes to Devere’s bedside, learning he has been asking too many questions about the New Londinium project several Tories are trying to start up using investors. He suspects this is why he has been attacked. Bentley immediately goes off to investigate, and Emily spends her wedding night ALONE.

“Defended By a Duke” is an exciting tale of intrigue and suspense, keeping readers sitting on the edge of their seats while eagerly turning the pages to see what’s next to come.  Bentley and Emily are charming characters who are cunning and secretive. The mystery of who stabbed Devere keeps the reader engaged and guessing till the end. Occasionally sentences were garbled due to extra words, leaving the reader guessing as to the author’s intent. While the first two chapters start slow and the beginning dialogue is somewhat stilted, the remainder of the story becomes dynamic and a pure joy in which to be immersed. It is an delightful tale, to be enjoyed by everyone.

Belinda Wilson