Deep Six


Jake Longly, retired professional baseball player, is now working for his father, a private investigator in the Gulf Shores area. His current job is a stakeout for a suspicious husband whose wife is cheating and eventually ends up the victim of murder. While in the neighborhood where all the action takes place, Jake has an encounter with his ex and also finds himself a beautiful new interest to spend time with. The list of suspects is long and the local authorities are investigating and working with Jake and his father to uncover who and why there are a string of murders to follow. There is one powerful and wealthy man named Victor where all roads are leading. Will they find the killer or are Jake and his new friend going to become victims themselves?

Jake is a great addition to his father's PI business and along with Pancake, they make up a cast that is vastly different and each add their own personalities to the mix.  Add the new love interest, Nicole, who really shakes things up. The plot moves along at a steady pace, and although predictability is high, there’s twist or two that keep readers engaged. Even with a lot of killings, it’s an entertaining storyline. “Deep Six” is an appropriate title for this book as Victor the villain is calling for his henchmen to clean house. The hero and heroine get into some sticky situations and is always fun to see how they find their way out. The ending was wrapped up and readers would most likely be interested in other cases that Jake and Nicole get to investigate.

Viola Robins