Death of a Wolfman: A Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery


Genealogy researcher Lily Gayle Lambert is about to have dinner with her cousin when they come across the dead body of what could only be described as a wolfman. When Lily Gayle’s new client is found dead soon after the death of the wolfman, she must find out the connection between the two – much to the consternation of her cousin, who just happens to be the county sheriff.


It is not often one finds a story where the dialogue itself becomes a character.  There are those who have tried and a reader is left wanting. This novel, however, uses this to perfection! There are a lot of chuckle-worthy scenes, particularly between Lily Gayle and her best friend. One is entertained by how the Southern way of life – complete with iced tea – is told through Lily Gayle’s voice. It gives the reader a picture of the kind of person she is and her relationships with the secondary characters. One will not want to skip pages to get to the more interesting parts, because every page is more interesting than the last. 


Ms. Boles is an author to watch if this is the calibre of writing in every novel that flows from her pen!


M.P. Ceja