Death at Whitewater Church (An Inishowen Mystery)


Benedicta, ‘Ben’, is a lawyer in a small town in the far northwest of Ireland.  Only there for six years, as a Dublin transplant she is still a newcomer.  When a skeleton is discovered in a deconsecrated church, the whole town suspects the bones belong to Connor Devitt, a local who disappeared before Ben moved to Glendara. Nosy by nature, Ben cannot help but try to piece together the clues that slowly come to light. Malloy, Sergeant of the Guarda, has his hands full keeping an eye on Ben while trying to solve a string of burglaries at the same time. It doesn’t help Malloy that everyone in town, even Ben, seems to have dark secrets they would rather keep hidden, but the investigation threatens to drag those secrets into the light.

“Death at Whitewater Church” is a delightful read in the vein of Agatha Christie.  Ms. Carter is a master of the patient buildup. She gives her myriad characters plenty of quirks and village charm, along with well-developed backstories that keep the reader guessing. A bit more detail of the physical description of the main characters, however, would have been helpful. The story, full of red herrings and unexpected twists, will spur readers on to guess whodunit and why, while the slow-kindling relationship between Ben and Malloy, full of gentle kindness, will warm their hearts. Perhaps too careful to tie up loose ends, the conclusion, though exciting, feels a bit contrived, with the mystery laid out a bit implausibly. Minor flaws aside, Ms. Carter has crafted a highly enjoyable story abounding with characters, history and a touch of suspense. A must read for mystery enthusiasts!

Marc Joseph