Death Takes a Detour (Outside the Circle Mystery Book 1)


 Having narrowly missed a bombing incident in which Abbie Grimshaw lost her coworkers, she heads home to Chipstead, Kent, for some much needed rest. On the way, Abbie decides to make a quick stop at her most favorite place, an abandoned church and graveyard. While usually empty and desolate, Abbie finds herself coming across Robert Livingstone, someone who should’ve been dead, but was clearly standing in front of her. When a scream suddenly rips through the darkness, both Abbie and Robert find a mother bleeding to death, two scared young children, and an unearthly mystery that must be solved. Abbie and Robert must make an alliance with an unlikely band of friends to save these children from a demon who is out for blood.

 Ms. Vedam’s out-of-the-ordinary story encompasses just about every aspect of magic being one could imagine: a ghost, a witch, seers, a cat shifter, and even a murderous god. It’s no wonder that Abbie’s job is as an EMT, her caring heart shines through in the direst of situations from start to finish. Her ability to trust this unlikely group even after everything she has been through shows just how strong she is, pushing herself to give even when there is not much left. With a lot of story crammed into a fairly short, quick read, the twists and turns make this a book that just can’t be put down. A longer version would have been pleasantly welcome. A truly magical spin on the Grimm fairytales that’ll leave you spellbound!

Marie Sanderson