Death Swipes Right (Outside the Circle Mystery, Volume 4)


URBAN FANTASY: Abbie Grimshaw is an EMT with past deadly events dogging her steps. She hopes her friend Talin, who is an electromagnetic wizard, can help her discover who’s behind the bombing that shattered her world and took the lives of her friends. Why was she the only survivor?  Before Talin can help, however, his life is altered by the murder of his beloved aunt. When Talin and Abbie are pulled in as suspects for the murder, their search takes a different turn. A new investigation brings their special circle of supernatural friends together as they work to discover what’s happening with a new dating app. Soon they are in fear for their own lives as dark forces launch a battle.

Readers who are in the mood for a modern fairytale, look no further. Though this is the fourth book in a series, it reads well as a standalone and no doubt will send new readers looking for the beginning of the series. Imagine the fear of trying a dating app and discovering it leads to death. Set in Britain, it’s interesting to watch a wizard with electromagnetic magic deal with an aging god and the problems that beset twenty-first century technology. This is a fast-moving read that will keep one guessing. There’s also a touch of romance for Abbie with a local detective she’s getting to know. In addition, Abbie is separated from the children she adores because of Covid. Even the magical world couldn’t avoid this problem. Ancient curses, modern technology and living in a pandemic world make life in this story interesting.

Leah Neale