Death by Sample Size: A Hilarious Whodunit (Holly Swimsuit Mystery Book 1)


Holly Schlivnik works in Los Angeles' garment district as a sales rep for a swimsuit company. Cut-throat competition and wheeling and dealing are all part of the job, but Holly finds relief over a cup of coffee and some gossip with her group of "yentas". Stumbling over the dead body of a swimsuit buyer who was hated by most everyone is bad enough, but when one of her best friends is arrested, Holly is determined to hunt out the real killer. Suspects abound and it isn't long before Holly is in the killer's crosshairs with her nosy questions. But Holly is determined to see justice done. Can she unmask the real murderer, or will next year's fashion line have to go on without her?

"Death by Sample Size" hugely entertains and delights with a refreshing entry in the cozy mystery genre! Holly Schlivnik is a savvy, good-natured businesswoman working in the fast-paced Los Angeles garment industry. Although the ins and outs of the swimwear buying season are explained, the large number of characters that are introduced in the early chapters and their roles are difficult to keep straight. The book starts with the murder and then jumps back to the past, but as scenes are not grounded in time, the timeline becomes confusing at points. Snappy dialogue and quirky characters add a comedic touch. Holly’s loyalty to her friends and curiosity will appeal to readers and it’s clear that there’s room for her to develop in future stories. Overall, "Death by Sample Size" launches a promising new mystery series leavened by moxie and topped by a huge dose of humor!

Tricia Hill