Death Drop


Crime is afoot at the ski lodges in New Mexico. Theft, murder, conspiracy! Choosing who to trust could mean the difference between life and death, literally. The legends of a gold mine sound too good to be true, and everyone knows that the families have been searching with no luck for years and are quick to dismiss it as local folklore. Greed is definitely a motive for murder, and with more people turning up dead, it seems that the gold may be more real than the failed searches suggest. Can the right people figure out the truth before more of them die? Or is there a criminal mastermind hiding in their midst, pulling the strings and creating distractions to keep the prize for himself! 

Ski resort conflicts in New Mexico is definitely a unique concept, especially when you throw in some murder, and various other crimes. Sadly, that isn’t the most unique aspect of this thriller. The storytelling from the dog’s perspective is strange, disconcerting, and not mentioned at all in the original synopsis. Even worse is the fact that this was how the book opened, which may make the reader double check they got what they purchased. The story does eventually wrap up with suitably acceptable results, if the reader can get past the intermittent dog narrated chapters. The crime story was there, perhaps if the author switched to all human narrated development it could make for a better read. 

Melanie Newton