Death at Danforth House (Syracuse Mystery, #2)


Robin Lyons is a successful young author with a mission - and an obsession. He longs to learn of his past, his heritage, and the truth of who his parents were. In an effort to uncover this long-kept secret and gain inspiration for his new novel, he invites an exclusive group of guests to Danforth house for a weekend of mystery and intrigue. However, when Robin is found dead, fingers are being pointed in everyone’s direction. As motives are uncovered among the guests, another person is found dead in the house - leaving them all to wonder who the killer is, and if one of them will be next.

This novel is a throwback to the classic Clue game, piquing the reader’s interest from the very beginning of the prologue. Brian Abbott does a wonderful job of building an intricately detailed mystery filled with unexpected twists, turns and connections between the characters. The multiple point of view and stiff, formal writing can at times become distracting, leaving the reader feeling disconnected from the characters themselves. However, the attention paid to detail throughout helps to build a solid plot line that will leave the reader grasping at a guess as to what will come next!  

Amelia Kitch