Death Comes in Threes (Addie Foster Mystery Series Book 1)


Addie Foster is the owner of Smiling Dog Books, which she opened in her small, peaceful North Carolina hometown. Her even-keeled life is thrown into chaos when she discovers a body next door. Who was the man and why did he have her business card? The police detective assigned to the case wants answers to those questions, too. It is soon clear that Addie is on someone's hit list — but what could a small-town book owner have to do with international criminals? To add to the puzzle, Addie has a secret guardian angel. With the FBI involved and supported by her best friend and great-aunts, Addie is determined to find the solution to the mystery before she winds up as another corpse. 

Multi-published in contemporary romance, Kimberley O'Malley launches "Death Comes in Threes," the first book in a delightful new cozy mystery series. Addie Foster is in her thirties, single and very likable as a heroine. The action in this story is non-stop, so much so that Addie never has the chance to get ahead of the mystery and investigate, as cozy mystery heroines generally do. While the immediate threat to Addie is resolved, the reader is left with questions at the end of the story that will hopefully be resolved in books two and three. Still, cozy mystery lovers should try out this new series. There is plenty of intrigue, humor and zany characters that offer an entertaining read!

Tricia Hill