Death by Chowder: Shipwreck Café Mysteries Book 1

Donna Walo

Jay is back in his hometown of Cape Cod after leaving his lawyer position with its fast-paced lifestyle behind. Now, he’s in the middle of creating a restaurant in the old lighthouse with his brother and a dog he rescued. With his purchase of the lighthouse and its properties, he now has the companionship of the lighthouse ghost—Roland—as well as the rumors of treasures. When the restaurant opens, treasure hunters come out in full-force, knowing no bounds. Unfortunately, Jay’s new employees seem to be caught in the middle and are possibly behind some of the scheming and attacking. With Roland’s help, and the assistance of family, Jay is able to solve who is behind all of the chaos and cement his place in the community once again. 

Every once in a while, a book comes along that simply leaves the reader breathless with how well it is executed, one so unforgettable it leaves the reader with a mad desire to know what’s next. This is one of those rare gems! It can’t be put down; it must be devoured in a single sitting. The characters themselves are a large part of the appeal. They are written to be realistic, sympathetic, and utterly endearing. Another incredible strength of this story is its ability to awaken all five senses. From feeling the mist of the ocean, to tasting the food being served, to seeing the night sky through the dining room windows, there is nothing the audience does not experience. One thing is absolute, this is a beautiful piece of writing! and a perfect cozy mystery to curl up with any night of the week!

Yannie Sorensen