Deadly Secrets


Detective Inspector Flynn and forensic pathologist Lily are thrust into a game of cat and mouse when a body of a student is found bearing the bite of an Egyptian Cobra. The second Flynn meets Lily, he’s smitten and wants her in his bed. As the investigation goes on, Flynn and Lily find themselves the target of the same people who killed the student. Their feelings for one another intensify as they hunt for the killer and it’s a game of cat and mouse. But the question is, which is the cat and which is the mouse?

This book had a really good concept - a strange murder that you don’t see too often - and some potentially good characters. Unfortunately, the author jumped too soon into the attraction of the characters and seemed to focus simply on that throughout the entire book. Had more development been done on the main characters, this would have been a really enjoyable book. There was also some questionable descriptions used in certain aspects which completely threw the mood of the book and it was distracting. All in all, the storyline had potential and it will be good to see what this author does in the future.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick