Deadly Ruse (A Mac McClellan Mystery)

E. Michael

Kate and Mac are out for dinner and a show at a local theater in their hometown in Florida. Kate suddenly freezes, then faints when seeing someone from her past - somoone who happened to have been declared dead over ten years ago. After coming to, she knows who she saw and Mac is on board to help her figure out what could have happened. Mac is a divorced father and recently retired Marine. He recently helped local law enforcement out with another case, and also has a good friend who is a private investigator so this is a perfect fit.  He also wants to help Kate put her mind to rest as to what could have happened to her old flame, who was thought to have drowned with two other men while fishing off the coast of Florida.


Mr. Helms hits the ground running with this suspenseful tale! The plot is revealed and readers get to take the ride while the mystery unfolds. The hero of the story is very likable and readers will be rooting for the Mac, the Marine turned private investigator from the get go. The heroine is strong but also fragile and Mac will do all he can to help and protect her. There are quite a few supporting characters in this book, which sometimes gets hard to track. Other than that this mystery is spun well and takes a few twists and turns which are all nicely tied together for a rewarding ending. Readers will not be disappointed!


Julie Caicco