Deadly Catch: A Mac McClellan Mystery (#1)

E. Michael

Retired Marine Mac McClellan is enjoying his vacation fishing in the Florida panhandle until he hooks a decomposed body and finds himself under investigation. When other mysterious events occur that place him as the number one suspect, he must find the answers to clear his name. With the help of Kate Bell, a saleslady at the local marina, he launches an investigation that becomes more complex as the facts are revealed.


This fast-paced story starts off with a bang and doesn’t let up until the last page turns! 

It’s a suspenseful tale that delves into the world of drugs, murder, and cover-ups. Mac’s character was engaging, well-drawn, and believable, although too passive for a Marine who saw action in the Middle East. With a solid plot, the story line flows smoothly as it paints a picture with its vivid descriptions.  Full of intrigue, it pulls the reader into the fabric of the story that is woven with a myriad of suspicious activities, would-be suspects, and motives.


The author does a terrific job of keeping the pace fast and the action packed with many twists and turns to keep the reader guessing and the pages flying. This is a well-written, enjoyable read that is hard to put down. A mystery that will have the reader anxiously following the retired Marine as he tries to clear his name and expose the murderer in this exciting whodunit!


Janna Shay