The Dead Won't Tell

Abigail Adams, named for the second president’s wife, is a struggling reporter after losing her chance at a Ph.D. She’s tasked with doing an article about the murder of Rosalie DuFrayne in July 1969. At the time of her death, Rosalie’s story wasn’t fully told, and her murder was never solved. A busy single mother, Abbie is doubly challenged when a college friend shows up looking for help with a TV show. Between practices, sleepovers, and a new man in her life, Abbie begins undoing the layers of life in Hunts Landing in 1969. Nothing in the past can be uncovered without causing problems in the present. When a witness is murdered after Abbie’s interview, she realizes the dark forces in 1969 have come into the present.
This is a suspenseful story that keeps one guessing until the end! Readers of a certain age will immediately recognize the significance of July 1969, when man made his first step on the moon. The small college in Hunt’s Landing played a role in the moon landing and the whole town was celebrating when Rosalie DuFrayne was murdered. As usual, the path to the truth is paved with lies and subterfuge. Ms. Waters does a superb job of keeping the reader fully engaged in every part of the story, including the prejudices and judgements of the past. In 1969, the lines were drawn in Hunt’s Landing in a distinct manner. Getting to the truth involves getting to know the whole town and its secrets. Readers shouldn’t be surprised if they stay up later than usual to finish this tale!
Leah Neale