Dead of Winter Break (A Cassandra Sato Mystery)


Cassandra is the Vice President of Student Affairs at a college in Nebraska. Coming from Hawaii, Cassandra has experienced a lot of firsts… her first major snowstorm, buying her first house, fostering a dog, and the death of her former boss. The snowstorm knocked a hole in her roof, the dog, Murphy, hates her, she has to move into the student dorm during winter break while her house is being fixed, and her former boss has inadvertently put her in danger from the same person who killed him. Can Cassandra trust the hunky son of her next door neighbor who has offered his help, or is he one of the bad guys? Will she earn the respect of the students living in the dorm with her? Will the dog ever like her? These are the questions Cassandra must face all while trying to figure out who the killer is.

This mystery has the reader engaged from the very first page! The murder has the reader asking early on who did it and why is a man dead?  The character of Cassandra can be a bit annoying as she is nosy, a little bossy, and likes everything to be neat and orderly. The supporting characters are unique and offer a fresh perspective to the mystery of the Professors death. Murphy the dog is entertaining in the way he expresses his contempt for Cassandra and tries to make her jealous when he loves on others. The book ends on high notes all around as the mystery is solved, promises of future mysteries unfold, and Cassandra and Murphy come to an understanding.

Carly Fulmer