Dead Week (A Cassandra Sato Mystery Book 2)


Cassandra Sato is determined to make it through the semester and prove what an excellent VP of Student Affairs she can be, despite a new boss that talks to her dead husband, student activists drawing media attention, end of semester pranks, and winter storms. The Hawaii transplant has every reason to believe that Dead Week will be full of studying and nothing else, until one of the student activists has a suspicious accident on the ice. Can Cassandra protect her students and survive the semester, or will Dead Week take on a much more serious connotation?

An engrossing cozy mystery, readers don’t have to study hard to appreciate this addition to the “Cassandra Sato Mystery” series. While readers might want to read the previous book, Ms. Brakenhoff does an excellent job reintroducing Cassandra, her colleagues, students, and two mysteries both a recent and a cold case that tie together brilliantly. There is a minor romance thread in this book, but it takes a sideline to the mystery and for good reason as Cassandra’s need to solve the problems before her drive the plot. Combining the plot with quirky characters, interesting twists, and a possible love triangle in the works, this story only lacks the punch of excitement that comes from the first book in a series or climax/conclusion of plot threads or relationships further in the series, making this a delightfully good book and likely worthwhile series to-read now!

Sarah E Bradley