Before the Dawn (Camden Point Mystery, book 2)


Katarina Jones is a private investigator who has one last case to solve, and she’s running out of time to do it. A series of arson cases has arisen, and she’s been tasked with finding the culprit. Also drawn to the crimes is Fire Marshal Shawn Randal who is visiting from the other side of the country, just to investigate the fires. Once thrown together, things really start to heat up - in more ways than one - when they indulge in a weekend fling. As Kat and Randal get closer, not only does their connection get stronger, but it seems the man starting the fires gets angrier, and he’s got an unhealthy obsession with Kat.

Ms. Chianese is a marvel with words, creating an adventure that is engrossing and witty! Kat is a fun, smart heroine readers will cheer for. Shawn is a swoon-worthy leading man. Together, they create a page-turning story that is just as action packed as it is romantic! The chemistry between Kat and Shawn is instant as well as believable. The world building is fantastic and easy to get lost inside. While part of a series, the book can be read as a standalone, though the most enjoyment will come from reading the others as well. Overall, “Before the Dawn” is a gripping mystery with just enough of a paranormal twist to really shake things up! Readers who like edge-of-your-seat action and steamy romance will devour this book!

Chelsea Andersen