Dark Shadows of the Past


Christina Connors is a woman with many secrets. It’s quite likely that one of those is responsible for her waking up in an alley, injured, next to a murder victim. Too bad she can’t remember exactly what happened.


Dan Mallory is the detective investigating the murder. He just can’t seem to make the pieces fit when it comes to the crime, and he’s simultaneously very drawn to and suspicious of Christina. He’s sure she’s hiding something, but all his questions have to be put on the back burner once the danger to Christina escalates and they are forced to run and hide. Together.


What an exciting adventure Angel Sefer has led readers on! Beyond every revelation, there is another secret waiting, keeping one interested. Perhaps there are a few twists and turns too many, but all in all, the chase is the main draw of this novel. The characters, perhaps, fall in love too fast, leading to the fast reveal of Christina’s big secret, which is a bit anticlimactic. Also, some of Dan’s actions don’t quite fit those of a police detective. Still, this is an interesting adventure to follow, a suspense novel that offers something just a bit different and an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.


Mimi Smith