Dangerous Revenge

Diane receives a call from her twin Danielle who says she’s mistaken for Diane and going to die. The call results in FBI Agent Diane Emerson conducting a frantic search to find her twin. Diane reviews the details of her case of missing women with similar patterns leading up to their disappearances to see if there is a fit. The potential connection point to an online dating service. Using the various resources at her disposal leaves her worried yet hopeful. As the horror of Danielle’s situation unfolds, she discovers her former love, Agent Alex Kane, is transferred to her unit and offers to help. When the tables turn and Diane becomes a target of the killer, Alex steps up to keep her safe. Working together to find an elusive criminal, feelings they thought were in their past were warming embers waiting to ignite. Until revenge gets extracted and the perpetrator succumbs to justice, the agents focus on outsmarting the criminal.
This realistic portrayal of FBI processes focuses on an elaborate social engineering scheme as the portal for the cybercrime initiated to take advantage of women in horrific ways. The underbelly of today’s society becomes exposed through the non-stop action and adventure in a tug-of-war between good and evil. Readers will remain glued to the pages with the compelling characters of Diane and Alex. They are developed in a way to appreciate their strengths and weakness, making them relatable. Ms. Baginskie has created a captivating mystery with rapid pacing and threads that unexpectedly reveal the sad truth and a delightful conclusion.
Simone Dober